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About Us

We have started in the year of 2018 based on health and herbal products. With our intensive analysis we ensure high returns for our clients and associates. Our Plan puts you in control, allowing you the flexibility to work where and when you want, giving you time for family and friends as well as the opportunity to earn a good income.

i-Advotis is a business with a proven track record and the ability to help you get the best out of your hard work. Our role supporting your business extends into product and business training, helping to ensure that you are able to reach your personal potential.

At i-Advotis we believe that to sell a quality product you need to understand it and use it with confidence. We spend lakhs of rupees helping our Business Owners become product and brand ambassadors, enabling them to sell i-Advotis products with conviction and run their businesses effectively.

Our Vision and Mission is to become the best Company of the World by touching millions of people around the globe, by providing essential health and herbal products at very reasonable and affordable costs, to help them achieve financial growth.

We have team of people that work so well together, they improve and even inspire each other to reach new levels of achievement. We work with our clients in much the same way, as part of a team that is committed to finding and hiring the right people at the pace your business demands.

We provide our customers with high-quality products by promoting the items described below to popularize the concept of "Customer-Oriented" and "Improvement of Production Quality," based on the following managerial visions: "Retain the original technology to aim at being Development-focused Company- which provides the world with own brand products." "Provides the satisfactory products to customers."

  1. Product planning based on the customer needs
  2. Discussion concerning the validity of development concept, preproduction units, and mass production sample units.
  3. Approval of products and management of the product circulation at an early stage.
  4. Company-wide quality control towards the feedback from customers.
  5. Maintaining the quality management system by implementing the internal quality audit.

  1. Experiments and review of production manufacturing
  2. Improvement of the quality of products to be shipped by understanding the quality of manufacturing
  3. Collect the market information and respond to the requirements by linking up with customers, Customer Engineers Dept, and the Sales & Marketing Dept


Many companies with vast product range are competing against each other to become a public company but the consumer does not get any benefit in terms of immediate return or long term return.

Our vision is to fulfill this so that the consumer also gets returns from the profit earned from their investment.

Multi-Level Marketing is one of the best trusted ways to overcome the financial obstacles by investing for long term benefits across the globe. Our mission is to contribute towards making our customer’s life stress-free and easy.

As per our financial advisor’s estimate, iAdvotis Pvt. Ltd. Will become a limited & public company by next financial year i.e. 2019. Our target is to associate more than 5,00,000 people with us around the globe in the coming 2-3 years.

We are committed to fulfill the dreams of the people associated with us. We are here to become the largest manufacturer of health care products.

Finally, we conclude that iAdvotis Pvt. Ltd. will do everything to see you wealthy.